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We are located at 2703 North, NY-16 , in Olean, New York

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(716) 790-9488 or
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Question: What are the lease and payment terms?
Answer: We offer month to month leases. Your first month’s payment is due in full at the time of move in. The next month's payment is due on the anniversary date of the lease date. i.e. a lease starting on the 22nd will have the paymment due the next month on the 22nd
Question: Is a security deposit required?
Answer: Yes, we do not charge a security deposit on each unit.
Question: What items cannot be stored?
Answer: You cannot store any hazardous, toxic, or illegal items. Also, no food or perishable items can be stored in our spaces. If in doubt of what can be stored in our spaces, please ask the property manager. Examples of items that cannot be stored are: Ammunitions, gasoline, paint, paint thinner, propane, food, produce, plants, fireworks, etc.
Question: Do I need insurance?
Answer: Insuring your items while they are in storage is highly recommended. Just as your home is susceptible to fire, roof leaks, burglary and vandalism, so too is your storage unit. Check your homeowners or renters insurance policy to see if your storage possessions are covered. If not, our on-site managers can assist you in acquiring reasonably priced self storage insurance.
Question: Can I pay for storage by automatic debit or online payments?
Answer: At the current time you can pay for storage by credit card or check.  There is a form attached to the contract on which you can provide the necessary information.   
Question: Is there a minimum rental term?
Answer: The minimum rental term is one month, after which rent will continue to be due monthly.
Question: Can I bring my own lock?
Answer: Yes. We encourage you to bring your own lock. Alternatively, we do sell locks at our facilities, along with many other moving and storage supplies, for your convenience.
Question: Why do you have auctions?
Answer: There has been a lot of sensationalism about storage auctions on reality TV. The truth is that we do everything we can to avoid having to auction off the contents of any storage unit, and we only go to auction as the very last resort. We attempt to contact the tenant multiple times through every method possible to collect the rent that is owed. We phone, email, and send multiple communications through U.S. registered mail. The only purpose of the auction is to make the unpaid space available to a paying customer. We never profit from the auction process--it is an unfortunate cost of doing business. If any more is collected at auction than is owed in back rent, those funds are passed on to the customer.